XFS-1816P Switch Firmware Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download the latest firmware release from your switch firmware update page at luxul.com/firmware-updates.

  2. Log in to your Switch using the IP address of the Switch and browse to Administration and choose the Firmware Update Tab, click Browse, select the firmware file you just downloaded, click Open/OK, and click Update. A message stating “Firmware Upgrade is in progress” will appear.

  3. Note: Please do not power the switch down or disconnect the switch during the upgrade process as this can damage the switch. Please be patient, as firmware updates can take up to five minutes to complete.

  4. Once the Update is finished you will receive a “Firmware has been upgraded successfully” message.

  5. You will not need to do a Factory Default or make any changes to your Switch at this time.

Please contact Luxul Support with any questions or if you experience any issues with the Upgrade process.


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