Router Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Standalone AP Upgrade Instructions

  1. Use your computer to download the firmware file for your router from

  2. Note: Due to the extensive changes made between 4.0.X and 5.0.X, the upgrade process will return your router to factory default settings. Please make note of your configuration or backup your configuration before upgrading. Backup configuration is NOT compatible with the 5.0.2 release. Backup configuration should be used as a reference only.

    Note: It is NOT recommended to update the firmware wirelessly as damage to the router may occur.

  3. Open the router’s web interface by entering the IP address of the router in your computer’s browser and select Administration >> Firmware Update.

  4. Note: If you need help getting your computer connected to the router on the same wired LAN, please refer to the IP Addressing help page at

  5. Select the Choose File button and navigate to the firmware file you downloaded, then select Open.

  6. Select the Update button. You will see a status indicator letting you know the firmware update is in progress.

  7. Once the upgrade process is complete you will see a message that reads, “Firmware has been updated successfully.” If you haven’t seen the message after a few minutes, check to see if your computer is reconnected to the router. You may need to reconnect and refresh the page to see the message.