XWC-2000 Release Notes

Firmware Version 8.1.2

Recommended Update


  1. Adds support for Luxul ProWatch remote monitoring & management application (coming soon)
  2. Minor UI improvements and fixes

Firmware Version 8.0.0


  1. You will now be required to change the default admin password upon first login. The new password cannot be the existing default password. This is to comply with new security laws for California & Oregon that go into effect January 1, 2020
  2. Updates to OS/Kernel
  3. Minor UI updates and improvements

Known Limitations:

  1. When using Safari on macOS, in some cases after changing the admin password you are not redirected to a new login screen. Solution: Close the current tab/browser session and browse to the new IP address of the device. This fixes the issue and will allow you to move forward.

Release Firmware Version 7.1.3


Initial firmware release which includes:

  1. Enables an auto add feature that automatically joins and configures any APs that are connected to the network to the controller once it’s been setup
  2. Support for up to 32 APs
  3. Support for: XAP-1610, XAP-1510, XAP-810, XAP-1440, & XAP-1240


Current Version:
Firmware Version 8.1.2

Previous Version:
Firmware Version 8.0.0
Firmware Version 7.1.3

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