XMS-7048P Release Notes

Release Firmware Version 4.2.0

Recommended Update


  1. On first login or after factory default, a login wizard has been added that requires you to update your admin password and allows for IP config, Time Zone, and System Information setup
  2. The login wizard will save the entered information to the startup config
  3. Resolves the Auto Check not working with VLANs
  4. Improve NTP resolution delay

Known Limitations:

  1. Browser caching may cause some erratic operation. If this occurs, please clear your browser cache.

Release Firmware Version 4.1.3 

Issues Resolved:

  1. Changes IGMP settings that were set with factory default for firmware version 4.1.2 that would cause discovery of devices to fail for systems like Savant, Control4, Luxul controllers, etc.

After completing the upgrade to 4.1.3, there are 2 options for the settings to be applied:

  1. In the web UI navigate to Configuration > IPMC > IGMP Snooping > Basic Configuration. Uncheck Snooping Enabled and check Unregistered IPMCv4 Flooding
  2. Factory default your switch and the configuration will be automatically applied.

The final configuration should resemble the image (Figure 1) below.

Note: If you restore a 4.1.2 config after factory defaulting, you will need to manually configure the settings as described in option 1 above.

Release Firmware Version 4.1.2

Recommended Update


  1. Includes Self-Healing PoE, which allows for 1) Port Auto-Recovery (“Auto-Check”) and 2) Port Power Scheduling in both stacking and non-stacking mode
  2. IGMP, NTP, and Loopback protection will now be enabled in the default configuration.
  3. General PoE fixes

Issues Resolved:

  1. Adds the missing QoS Storm Policing page on the switch UI
  2. Corrects PoE not working on boot for some devices
  3. Resolves ‘Link State Delay / Auto-negotiation’ issue

Release Firmware Version 4.0.8


  1. Improved PoE performance

Release Firmware Version 4.0.7 – Critical Update

Issues Resolved:

  1. Improved POE Stability.

Release Firmware Version 4.0.6