XMS-1008P Release Notes

Firmware Version

Features and Settings

  • POE is now enabled by default on all 8 POE ports
  • POE is now set to run Dynamic Allocation by default
  • Several message updates resolving ambiguous verbiage including, but not limited to: VLAN Mode Selection, Changing of VLAN Mode Selection, Current VLAN Mode, Firmware Update, Invalid Firmware File, Invalid Configuration File.

Features/Settings Summary

This firmware update for the XMS-1008P POE switch is meant to optimize plug and play functionality. All POE ports will now be operational by default. Dynamic Allocation allows power sensitive devices to run in a more stable state, even when drawing large amounts of current. This specifically helps with POE-enabled IP Cameras and Access Points. No changes were made to the underlying POE functionality.

NOTE: Message updates have no direct link to switch functionality.


Upgrade Instructions

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Current Version:
XMS-1008P Firmware Version


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