XAP-1210 Release Notes

Firmware Version 6.3.0

Recommended Update

Note: It is NOT recommended to update the firmware wirelessly.


  1. You will now not be required to do a reboot when making wireless settings / profile changes
  2. Corrected a subnet mask display error
  3. This update will provide support for future Wireless Controller updates
  4. Minor UI improvements

Firmware Version 6.1.3


  1. OS and driver updates
  2. Minor UI improvements and bug fixes
  3. You will now be automatically notified in the user interface when a firmware update is available.

Firmware Version


  1. KRACK vulnerability patch 

Firmware Version 5.0.5


  1. Allows the user to set a time zone on AP
  2. Allows the user to force the AP to find the controller if discovery process doesn’t work
  3. Allows limited AP UI access when connected to controller

Issues Resolved:

  1. Driver updates and bug fixes

Firmware Version 5.0.1


Note: If you are not going to use your AP with a Luxul Wireless Controller you do not need to update the firmware.

Caution: It is not possible to downgrade the AP from firmware version 5, so upgrade only if you are certain you don’t want to go back.

  1. Controller compatibility
  2. New look to the standalone AP UI

Note: You must restore the AP to factory default settings after upgrading the firmware from 4.X to 5.X firmware.

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