PDU-02 Release Notes

Release Firmware Version 1.10.0

Recommended Update

NOTE: When applying this update, your PDU WILL restart, and all connected devices will lose power


  1. You will now be required to change the default admin password after a factory default. The new password cannot be the existing default password. This is to comply with new security laws for California & Oregon that go into effect January 1, 2020.
  2. Small timing changes to TCP/IP routines to increase reliability on some networks
  3. There will now be forced requesting of new DHCP address on restart, instead of asking for old address back
  4. Added option 60 (vendor identifier) to DHCP request
  5. Updated the IP Address scheme to allow the use of 255 in the 2nd and 3rd octets
  6. Renewed expiring SMTP certificates

Release Firmware Version 1.02.00


  1. Initial Firmware Release

Known Limitations:

  1. None


Upgrade Instructions

Click here for upgrade instructions



Current Version:
Firmware Version 1.10.0

Previous Version:
Firmware Version 1.02.00

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