AMS-4424P Release Notes

Release Firmware Version 4.1.2

Recommended Update


  1. Includes Self-Healing PoE, which allows for 1) Port Auto-Recovery (“Auto-Check”) and 2) Port Power Scheduling in both stacking and non-stacking mode
  2. IGMP, NTP, and Loopback protection will now be enabled in the default configuration.
  3. General PoE fixes

Issues Resolved:

  1. Adds the missing QoS Storm Policing page on the switch UI
  2. Corrects PoE not working on boot for some devices
  3. Resolves ‘Link State Delay / Auto-negotiation’ issue

Release Firmware Version

Issues Resolved:

  1. Resolved the Crestron Panel Ethernet Negotiation Issue

Release Firmware Version 4.0.8


  1. Improved PoE performance

Release Firmware Version 4.0.7

This firmware release includes two minor changes, primarily for users of HD over IP video systems such as Just Add Power or Wyrestorm. This upgrade is optional for AMS-4424P switches not being used to support an HD over IP system.


Supports up to 18 virtual interfaces (up from 8), enabling more VLAN-based I/O “channels” with an HD over IP system such as Just Add Power.

Issues Resolved:

Resolved an issue with IGMP that was causing a problem with video over IP systems like Wyrestorm.

Known Issues:

  1. None.

Firmware Version 4.0.6

Issues Resolved:

  1. Minor UI bug fixes
  2. General system bug fixes

Firmware Version 4.0.5


  1. Wyrestorm® Setup
    Optimization and instructions for Wyrestorm setup is now included in the user interface
  2. Improved Fan Control
    Switches containing variable speed fans are now optimized according to the amount of power being used by the switch. Fans will remain off when active ports are less than or equal to 4 ports per 8 port bank or total PoE usage is less than 60W. Fans will be at low speed when PoE usage exceeds 60W, but is less than 170W and at high speed when usage exceeds 170W. As the AMS-1208P does not contain any fans, this feature does not apply to that switch.
  3. Quick Setup
    Luxul has made minor adjustments to the UI to improve switch usability
  4. General User Interface Improvements
    Luxul has made minor adjustments to the UI to improve switch usability