ABR-4400 Release Notes

Firmware Version 5.1.1

Note: If you do not need Router Limits content management there is no reason to upgrade your firmware.

Note: Due to the extensive changes made between 4.0.X and 5.0.X, the upgrade process will return your router to factory default settings. Please make note of your configuration or backup your configuration before upgrading. A 4.X.X backup configuration is NOT compatible with the 5.1.1 release. Backup configuration should be used as a reference only.

Note: It is NOT recommended to update the firmware wirelessly as damage to the router may occur.


  1. Added Router Limits functionality

Issues Resolved:

  1. none

Known Issues:

  1. Router Limits is not compatible with WAN Acceleration
  2. Clients connected to the router can’t VPN out if WAN Acceleration is on.
  3. QoS, Ports field will not accept ‘All’ as a value after a rule has been added without first Saving.

Firmware Version 5.0.1B

Note: New ABR-4400 routers are now shipping with Version 5.0.X firmware. Updating from 5.0.X does not require a factory default.

Note: If you are running any 4.0X firmware and if your installation would benefit from the below-mentioned enhancements, please “contact support” to request this firmware.

Note: Updating from 4.0.X to 5.X requires a factory default and configuration backup/restore functionality is not supported.

New Features and Settings:

  1. Class B Subnet Support
  2. Class B DHCP Support
  3. Self-Assigned IP Addresses dropped at Router. (Will help with MoCA and DirecTV Deca devices)
  4. Inter-VLAN Routing improvements
  5. Improvements to Multi-WAN UI

Note: Multi-WAN Failover recovery can take up to 1 hour depending on network stability.

Issues Resolved:

  1. Inbound VPN works with WAN Acceleration

Known Issues:

  1. WAN Acceleration is not compatible with QoS, WAN Redirect, Multi-WAN (Enabling Multi-WAN automatically turns off WAN Acceleration now).
  2. VLANs with Class B DHCP Enabled will use the subnet chosen in Network>DHCP, selecting a different subnet for a given VLAN and then saving does not save, goes back to Network>DHCP subnet.
  3. VLANs with Class B DHCP give out 3rd octet subnet one lower than they should if on any subnet other than x.x.0.x
  4. QoS, Ports field will not accept ‘All’ as a value after a rule has been added without first Saving.
  5. Multi-WAN Policies>Rules>Rule Name field is not accepting underscore as a valid character.
  6. There are a few Help Info typos or incorrect word usages.
  7. Software Policy has some incorrect characters in it.
  8. Clients connected to the router can’t VPN out if WAN Acceleration is on.

Firmware Version 4.0.8

New Features and Settings:

  1. New/updated Multi-WAN functionality
  2. IPSEC and L2TP added to VPN

Issues Resolved:

Note: You must factory default the Router after upgrading the firmware.

  1. UPnP issue with Xbox and PlayStation resolved
  2. WAN Redirect issue resolved
  3. General and minor bug fixes

Known Issues:

  1. Inter-VLAN routing Enable/Disable between added VLANs in some cases may not function correctly. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

Firmware Version 4.0.7

Issues Resolved:

  1. Updated UPnP to resolve Xbox Live connection issues


  1. Web Filtering via Open DNS Family Shield, Open DNS Home and Open DNS Home VIP.
  2. Added an Advanced submenu in Administration with the following settings;
    WAN Acceleration: Enable/Disable WAN Acceleration
    WAN Ping: Enable/Disable WAN response to ping packets
    IPv6: Enable/Disable WAN IPv6 support
    PPTP Passthru: Enable/Disable PPTP Passthru support to allow connection to a PPTP Server on the local network instead of the Router itself
  3. Increased the number of supported VLANs to 16


Upgrade Instructions

Click here for upgrade instructions



Current Version:
Firmware Version 5.1.1

Previous Version:
Firmware Version 5.0.1B
ABR-4400 Firmware Version 4.0.8



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