ABR-4400 Router Limits Version Release Notes

Firmware Version 5.1.1

Note: If you do not need Router Limits content management there is no reason to upgrade your firmware.

Note: Due to the extensive changes made between 4.0.X and 5.0.X, the upgrade process will return your router to factory default settings. Please make note of your configuration or backup your configuration before upgrading. A 4.X.X backup configuration is NOT compatible with the 5.1.1 release. Backup configuration should be used as a reference only.

Note: It is NOT recommended to update the firmware wirelessly as damage to the router may occur.


  1. Added Router Limits functionality

Issues Resolved:

  1. none

Known Issues:

  1. Router Limits is not compatible with WAN Acceleration
  2. Clients connected to the router can’t VPN out if WAN Acceleration is on.
  3. QoS, Ports field will not accept ‘All’ as a value after a rule has been added without first Saving.



Upgrade Instructions

Click here for upgrade instructions



Router Limits Version:
ABR-4400 Firmware Vers. 5.1.1


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