Get Started!

Now that you’ve purchased hardware capable of running Domotz, you’re ready to enable and license Domotz on that hardware.

The first time you enable a Domotz agent at any site, you will be prompted to create a Domotz account. That Domotz account will be used for all the sites you will remotely manage. The first Domotz agent you enable in your account automatically gets a 21 day trial period. You are not required to license that agent until the trial period has expired – but you can do so if you choose. The second and subsequent agents you enable in your account get a 24 hour grace period; after which, you must apply/purchase a Domotz license/subscription to continue remote monitoring and management. 


Enable Domotz on a Luxul Router
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Enable Domotz on a Domotz Box
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How Domotz Licensing
Learn more about how Domotz licensing works.