Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote Monitoring & Management



What is Domotz?

Domotz is a cloud based remote monitoring and management platform that allows integrators and networking professionals to connect to their customers’ networks from a browser and remotely monitor, manage, and configure devices connected to that network from anywhere.

Installing Domotz is a breeze. Integrators just enable a Domotz “agent” on the networks they would like to manage. The agent is built in to any Luxul Epic Router or can be provided in a standalone “Domotz Pro” device. Integrated with ‘Fing’ technology, Domotz automatically recognizes, maps, and names over 15 billion devices, quickening setup time. Then, through the Domotz cloud, integrators can connect remotely through a specified agent to troubleshoot, configure, or report on the many different types of their customers’ devices.

Domotz also includes a customer facing app, Violet, that gives customers the ability to monitor their own network devices, receive alerts when someone new connects to their network, and control internet access for all household members.

With Domotz, integrators and networking professionals now have the tools to set themselves apart from the competition.


Why Domotz?

With Domotz remote network monitoring and management, integrators and networking professionals can save time troubleshooting multiple networks, save costs, proactively prevent IT issues, and solve problems in real-time by mobile and web dashboard. Using Domotz, integrators can save on truck rolls, provide better customer service, and proactively correct network issues from anywhere.

Domotz also allows integrators to satisfy the demands of customers for more parental/access control of their network via the customer facing app, Violet.

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